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WeSnapBack History:

My Name is Kaiti Galica and I started SnapBack in May 2016. It came out of nowhere and swept over my whole existence like a South Florida Hurricane! Since then, we have reached 32 Countries and over 148 cities and towns in those countries, to date!

I do marketing for a living, and like most 20-something year old females, one of my favorite aspects of my job is managing Social Medias. Over the past few years, I have learned many awesome and effective techniques to grow organic followings of my different target markets!
Coming from a background of employment in Atlantic City NJ, attending college in North Jersey just a 20 minute train ride to New York City, and now residing in Miami Beach FL I have had to adjust to fast pace, constantly changing atmospheres. With that being said, I think I developed into someone who solution driven. My life motto has always been "Where there is a will, there is a way" and I do my best to apply that to almost every single situation in my life. When work, relationships, or any challenge arises I am a firm believer that we all have the power within ourselves to fix any issue. It is just a matter of finding the correct solution, and fully executing it.

As I would walk to local stores and restaurants in South Beach, I was always extremely angered at the amount of litter that tourists, and locals, casually toss on our streets and beaches. It is as if every single person had a live-in maid that constantly followed them around picking up after them. I don't know where people got it into their heads that if you are outside, you can just throw your trash on the ground; even though that is something you would never do inside your own home or a public establishment. Ultimately, someone else will have to pick up that trash or worse, it will spend eternity polluting the air and habitat of other living things we share our world with.

Contrary to popular inspiration behind movements similar to WeSnapBack, mine was born out of my anger towards these lazy people. I am a firm believer in people being responsible for their own actions. There is nothing I hate more than people who cut corners in life that result in additional work/problems for others. These are the people who litter. The ones who want to bring a bottle of water on their hike in case they get thirsty, but do not want to hold the bottle after they are done getting what they need from it. The people who love to kick back and enjoy a few cervesas on the beach, but are too tipsy to carry the cans to a recycling bin. The people grabbing fast food on their way home from work and throw the trash out their window instead of cluttering up their car. These people have thoughts like, “The city is responsible for public places, they’ll clean it up,” “I have to give the people on parole something to pick up on the side of the highways,” or “They have beach combers that drive through every morning, it’ll catch all this trash tomorrow.”
And you know what, they’re right. Unfortunately, the majority of the people in this world will spend the rest of their lives waiting for someone else to fix the constantly growing pollution issues that are currently effecting their lives in one way or another, rather they know it or not.

I was one of these people. I never littered, but I walked past that trash I had seen every day for a week, letting it get me angrier and angrier each day. But that day last year was different. I wondered why my whole life I was someone who believed “when there is a problem, it is best to fix it myself” but I never considered applying that to this issue. Because it wasn’t my issue? Wrong. It is my issue, and every single person’s issue. That day I started picking up the trash I saw on my walks. I did not go on a quest through all the streets in town that needed me, because I had to get back to work. Every day following, I made it a point to pick up what I could, even if it was just 5 pieces of trash. It was 5 less pieces that someone else had to pick up. 5 less pieces that would disturb animal or insects living close by. 5 less pieces that could have blown into Miami street drains and end up in our oceans. It wasn’t long before I started thinking of ways I could try to get as many people as possible to join me in my daily contributions. With all of the awful ways people exploit themselves or others with social media, I came up with the perfect way to utilize my strengths for a positive influence on society!

There is no easy solution or quick fix to our world’s pollution problem, but that does not mean we should ever stop trying or ever think we do not have enough power to do something about it. This movement is not to try and convince you that you can change the world, because most likely you cannot. However, I believe that WE can. Imagine every person in the world picking up 1 piece of trash per day. Ambitious, I know. Let’s take it down a notch, and imagine a world that pollution awareness has reached everyone in this world and people stop littering altogether.
This movement is for someone who wants to be a small part of something huge. Someone who sees a problem and has the courage to fix it, and someone who enjoys a challenge. There is no commitment, deadlines or end goal. This is a choice you make to incorporate WeSnapBack into your daily life, never needing to go out of your way, but if you see some litter, pick it up.

We spread awareness, and the movement, by using our Social Medias to share our journey. SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter all can be used to do a pay-it-forward type concept where you share a photo or image of you doing your part each day and tell all your followers to do the same. You will become an inspiration to not only make your followers stop littering, but also spread WeSnapBack to all corners of the world while being a part of the solution!

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